A huge project, literally. From setting up the footage, stabilizing it, diving into Staves’ Nuke script for camera stiching, to setup the delivery files. A nice ride all the way! Please enjoy both the Back to Black edit above and the Case Film below, which I both had the pleasure to create.

“PostPanic was asked by adidas to come up with a series of visually beautiful films to celebrate the authenticity and diversity of sport supported by adidas. They would be broadcast on the unique giant video wall in the entrance lobby of the adidas global headquarters.

One of its kind, the video wall is 28 meters wide and 3 meters high, made up of 140 Ultra HD screens which together create a futuristic viewing experience hard to describe. The 54K resolution allows visitors to see detail with incredible clarity even if standing right up to the screens. In fact the technology is so advanced that conventional filming methods have not yet caught up and special solutions are needed for content creation.

For the BlackToBlack idea, a 5 bespoke stills camera rig captured the intensity of build up for a Real Madrid Champions League match at the Bernabéu Stadion in Madrid. Elements which viewers are not normally exposed to.

production companic POSTPANIC