Erwinz, Juriz and Hughiz spent one night and a couple of beers coming up with the narrative and visual style of this documentary (yes, it is based on real life events), and after two months and a lot of sleep deprivation, it is here for your viewing pleasure! Press on Stash and It’s Nice That

“What do Team PanicProgram do with spare time in evenings and weekends?
Well, here’s a little glimpse into their downtime in the form of a challenge set down to Erwin van den IJssel, Juri Agostinelli and Hugo Morais by sound designer Simon Pyke @ the 30 Second of Sound Visualised project.

The brief: create your own visual interpretation to this piece of music/sound design.
PanicProgram’s response: an x-rated cocktail of cell animation, stop motion, motion graphics and a lot of genitalia.

Welcome to Amsterdam.”