A project that came in and out in a blink of an eye, but great to be part of! Under Erwin “El Directeur” van den IJssel guidelines, I had great fun doing the matte painting below and some additional animation. At some point we also needed some clouds, so I couldn’t miss the opportunity of spending some hours under a rare Amsterdam sun.

“What is the answer to world hunger?

The answer is simpler than you'd think. GODAN (Global Open Data For Agriculture And Nutrition) believe that making agricultural and nutritional data freely available to anyone is the key to ending world hunger.

Produced from concept in just 10 days, this film opened the Godan Summit 2016 in New York with the aim of putting pressure on public,
private and NGO organisations to make their data freely available to anyone involved in developing innovative solutions to help small farmers increase their productivity and grow more nutritious food.

The creative approach we took was to make the solution personal. The first step to solving world hunger involves the viewer adding their voice to the cause.
Portraits emerge from the landscape to make people aware that there is something they can do to end this seemingly intractable problem.

Find out more at summit.godan.info and sign the GODAN Petition to end hunger at summit.godan.info/petition/”

production company POSTPANIC director ERWIN VAN DEN IJSSEL