The Dell Multi-Gen films were a great opportunity to sharpen some Nuke slap compositing and clean up.
When that was out of the way, the fun came matchmoving the head and compositing that lovely cat
and animating the UI for Igor‘s world. Watch the other films: Dell Education and Dell Health.

“Another cool project made with the Futures team at Dell is the Creative Director Multi-Gen film. Part of a series of films directed and produced by PostPanic, it shares a glimpse of how our industry may be working in the near future.

The challenge from our side was creating a human storyline amidst quite product-centric technology. Dell needed to be able to stop the films at any frame and explain fully and accurately all the themes/subjects and technologies being introduced within the story. In addition, these foresight films require a degree of product and design development particularly within predicting how User Interfaces will work in 5 years time.

This requires a close working relationship between Dell and its technology partners to align and anticipate new product developments. Always fun to get our teeth stuck into imagining the future.”

production company POSTPANIC director PHIL ROBSON