I still remember when this project started for the one and only F.O.N.S. S.C.H.I.E.D.O.N. I could feel my pupils dilating out of excitement. Fast forward some nights animating some of those lovely skeleton hands - and of course some clean up happened along the way - I was blown away when I saw the final piece. Real phresh! One of my favourite projects to date!

“A meeting between musician Jaimeo Brown and the New York-based filmmaker found the two of them shared similar views on how they liked to work,
particularly in creating room for improvisation and intuition. With a new release for Brown coming up, a collaboration on a promo was the obvious next step.
It was clear that Schiedon and Brown wanted to combine and reference elements from different eras and genres.
And they shared a preference in working quite organically, combining high end technology with tactile, DIY methods.
It was important not to lose the humanity in production, whilst also maintaining a sense of 'imperfection' within the filmmaking.

Schiedon explains:

"The video applies that notion of imperfection, for instance, by using a partly practical, partly animated, approach to bring the skeleton dancer to life.
There are smoother ways to do it, but none of them are this much fun."

Get 'Work Songs' on iTunes: smarturl.it/worksongs”

production company POSTPANIC director FONS SCHIEDON